R. John Ichter
and so it goes: a 10 year anniversary exhibition

Since beginning with Aliya Gallery in 1991, R. John Ichter has been the most sought after and collected artist in the history of the gallery. He has consistently produced the highest quality work and has been rewarded for these efforts with an ever expanding group of collectors.  However he has not rested on his success.  He is constantly challenging himself to find some new way to express his passion for the landscape without sacrificing the unique and personal aesthetic of his work. When you see one of his pastels, it is immediately recognizable as being from his hand.  This rare one person exhibition is the culmination of his work over the past ten years and will be compromised of the newest examples of his dream-like landscapes.  So I hope that you will come to share in the joy and beauty created by this unique and talented artist.


2007 Bob Ichter,  All Rights Reserved