About the Artist

I sold the Gallery and Frame shop that I owned for twelve years in 2001 so I could concentrate on selling my paintings at the galleries across the country that represent me.


It is very rewarding to have people love the artwork I do. It's also pretty cool to go to the different galleries that represent me for shows and chatting with and painting for gallery-goers and my collectors. I really like having people watch while I paint. I enjoy traveling, especially around Europe. I get a lot of inspiration for my work from my travels.


I live alone with my 2 dogs, Joe and my new puppy Rudy. They are both whippetts (kind of like miniature greyhounds). We live in the funky Little Five points section of Atlanta. It is an eclectic neighborhood where we can walk to all sorts of restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.


Along with biking and golf, in my spare time, I have been teaching and training in a form of karate called Cuong Nhu for over 16 years and have attained the rank of Shodan [ First degree Black Belt ]


This is me getting ready to break boards at a karate test.
I also have been taking piano lessons for a couple years



I raise orchids and tropical fish. Here is my South American River tank.


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